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I’m a nature enthusiast and explorer at heart; it's no surprise that even my entrepreneurial pursuits have an earth-centric element. I consider myself to be a creative who draws inspiration from everything and I enjoy random road trips, although I hardly have the time to do them. I live in my head a lot because it's my place of bliss, although it can become my battlefield. In my spare time, you can catch me in a garden or quiet outdoor space reading a book or writing in my journal. I value time with myself as an avenue for self-evaluation and regaining equilibrium to function optimally. I love Jesus and my earnest desire is to please Him. I love race cars and would drive one if I got the chance.  

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"Unquestionably, she would be the best speaker and maybe the only speaker you may need for your audience to learn something positive that will impact their lives moving towards success. Shanique Shand is a woman of great esteem and is surely equipped to impact."

"Shanique Shand is a very professional host. She arrived on time and was professionally attired for the Students and Young Professionals Conference. Ms. Shand utilized good diction to enable a smooth transition of the event. She is very energetic and passionate about her stage presence. As one of the organizers, I was pleased that she managed the timing of the program well, followed the script and highlighted the theme with clarity."

Jermaine Lawrence, Coordinator, 
National Tertiary Students’ Ministry

"I have known Shanique for a few years now and she has always been passionate about her relationship with Christ. This passion shines when she leads worship. 
Of course, she is immensely talented, but I believe her love for God and the anointing on her life sets her apart. She has ministered along side myself for quite a while and it is always refreshing. I highly recommend and support the ministry of this woman of God."

   Reverend M. Bradley

Avionne Linton,  
Secretary & Planner 
World Social Day 2019
Jamaica Theological Seminary

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