Here’s how it all began...

My father is involved in apiculture. Having observed him for a while, I became fascinated with the bees and started to do research on them. I attribute the birth and impending success of Bee Phenomenal International to my father; it was a discussion with him that inspired the name.  My research thereafter revealed some interesting facts as it relates to honeybees’ behavior and value to the ecosystem and economy.  Not only do they produce honey but, they produce other useful products and are important pollinators.  

As pollinators, they transfer pollen from flower to flower to aid fertilization which ultimately produces fruits. Based on this observation, Bee Phenomenal International was birthed to bring visibility to honeybees and to glean useful products and life-lessons from this multi-faceted insect.  Interestingly, I studied entomology as a course while at UWI and so it wasn’t hard for me to connect with the scientific side of the honeybee.  God surely works in mysterious ways! 

Bee Phenomenal International seeks to combine the 3 P’s [products, purpose and personal development] to create a global brand of excellence. Bees are very organized and purposeful insects that make a significant contribution to the economic and environmental ecosystem. Their colonies are divided into a hierarchy according to roles and functions.

The queen lays eggs, drones mate with the queen and the workers gather food and maintain the hive. Their roles do not overlap and they do not compete; they co-exist in harmony for the survival of the hive. I was impressed.  I thought to myself, “What if we humans were to exhibit this level of purposeful existence? “ What if we were so self-aware that we didn’t compete, but confidently fulfill our life’s calling like these bees? Since then, I’ve gained a new perspective on life and is seeking to grow and fulfill my purpose and help others do the same.

After careful consideration of resources and time, I selected lip balms as the first product I’d work on. With my background in animal science and chemistry, I began to concoct and developed a formula for the Bee Phenomenal Lip Balm which is available in a variety of fragrances. Of course, one of the signature raw materials used is beeswax.


We currently offer a service that allows customers to request a personalized label that suits the nature of their event (weddings, showers, corporate events, conferences, etc). As a natural care enthusiast, fate would have it that my creativity, innovation, and academic background are creating the ideal environment within which my vision can flourish.  
The phrase “Bee Phenomenal” is intended to remind us that despite how insignificant we perceive ourselves to be, we were all created with unique skillsets, gifts, and purposes. Let’s just all “Bee Phenomenal!”

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