Equipped to Impact as God's Masterpiece

What is a masterpiece?

(a) A work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship.

(b) Work done with extraordinary skill, especially a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.

Eg. The painting was immediately recognized as a masterpiece.

Did you know that from the moment you were conceived in your mother's womb, you were recognized as a masterpiece?

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT) - For we are God's masterpiece. He created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.

I have personally found this scripture to be empowering. Like a painting done by Pablo Picasso, I am now assured that I am a piece of work created by the chief artist of creation- Jesus Christ.

Without questions, by merely observing a finished product, one can know if quality time and effort were invested into it. For example, a delicious, well-presented, balanced meal speaks to the time-consuming and meticulous preparation process. You can know when something was hurriedly prepared. Agree?

A piece of woodwork with exquisite details and design speaks to the time and skill the carpenter invested to yield remarkable results. Sometimes I marvel at some handiworks my eyes have witnessed. I cannot begin to imagine how tedious something of this nature must have been to create. Be assured, you are just as beautiful and breath-taking as this artful piece of woodwork.

If God already labels you a masterpiece, it clearly means he took great care to fashion you into His likeness. There is a high value on you; you're expensive, one in a million and very rare.

The Greek word Paul uses for workmanship is 'poiema' which is where the word 'poem' comes from. Clearly, God is poetic and everything in existence is a work of his masterful creativity. You aren't a flat and boring body of work; you're a big deal. You're an absolute delight in God's eyes and the eyes of those who will come in contact with you.

If you are His masterpiece, it means He has a masterplan for your life. An artist doesn't create a painting or drawing only to cover it up in his studio for nobody to view it; he did it to put it on display for sale at a high value. A chef does not prepare a three-course meal merely to leave it on the kitchen counter to waste away; the chef prepared it for persons to consume. As God's masterpiece, God wants to put you on display by putting you to work [a fulfilling kind].

Dissecting Ephesians 2: 10 while writing my first book, 'Equipped to Impact: A 40 Day Journey to an Empowered Life' cemented this truth for me. The book was written as a 40-Day guide to help believers have Godly impact and live victoriously on Earth by applying the blueprint of success- The Word of God. The powerful revelation of who I am in God's eyes pulled me into the manifestation of purpose. The Lord has since allowed me to apply the words from my own book to help me identify and accept the call to impact, unblock for impact, implement mechanisms for impact, get enabled for impact and ultimately launch for impact. Since then, in my bid to help others experience the same freedom and expansion I am experiencing, I developed a few coaching programmes [packaged with my book] to help pilot others towards Godly impact:

If you're ready to book a free consultation with me to determine which programme is suitable for you, send me an email at info@shaniqueshand.com or book me through my site. Waiting to hear from you!

Just to drive home the point though, you are a MASTERPIECE who has been EQUIPPED (supplied with the necessary tools, skillset, gifts, etc for a particular purpose) to IMPACT (have marked influence or effect) lives for the glory of God. A part of hearing, "Well done though good and faithful servant...(Matthew 25:21), relies heavily on you fulfilling your Kingdom mandate. You were designed to be so much more than who are settling to be. God (The Master) wants to put you (His Masterpiece) to work (execute His Masterplan).

Stop shrinking back!

About the Author:

Shanique Shand is a woman of God intent on fulfilling her prophetic destiny as a

global pollinator - a carrier of the Word, conduit of the Holy Spirit and connector between people and God. An oracle of God and kingdom ambassador, she embraces the call to preach, teach, exhort, sing, prophesy unto repentance, restoration, and spiritual activation. This woman of God is a multipotentialite who boasts diverse gifts and talents which she uses to advance the Kingdom of God in various capacities as a Preacher, Worship Leader, Speaker, Author, Christian Coach and Entrepreneur. Shanique is also a competent emcee, copy writer, editor and voice over talent.

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