Package Undelivered !

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

You: "God, Where is he?"
God: *Package Undelivered*

Which package exactly? Singles, this one is for you.

People ask me all the time if I'm really single. Let me just say it officially,"I’m single". Releasing this to the public may or may not work in my favour. What could go wrong, you may ask? Well, I am now expecting a few, “Hey, how was your day?”, “Hi gorgeous” and wave emojis to slide in my inbox when this blog is published; which is OK because how can you find if you don't seek? Everyone is searching for someone to send mushy messages, laugh and cry with, cherish as their own and sometimes tek fi fool.

Forget that last part. I’m not the bitter cat lady, OK? I’m a woman of God who is patiently waiting on the Lord to deliver my man to me in a nice hand-wrapped package with a bow and a note saying: "For your good pleasure, With love, -God"

I know what you’re thinking. Lol.

.. Let’s bring it back.

When you order something from Amazon or E bay, it is shipped from their storage facility and sent to a courier who is responsible for shipping it to your address. Some of the popular couriers are FedEx, ShipMe and DHL Express. Their responsibility is to ensure you get that package on time. However, there are instances when the package will either be delayed due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances. There are other instances when delivery attempts were actually made (normally 3 days consecutively), but nobody was at home to sign for it or the customer entered the wrong address. As a result, it’s returned as “undelivered” to the courier facility. The policy is, if the location is not ideal or secure, the package will not be left exposed.

Quite frankly, that’s fair because if your package gets stolen or damaged while on your front porch, you will be irate. Better to be safe than sorry. But be honest, you absolutely hate when your package is undelivered especially if it’s something you’ve been looking forward to a long time. You then have to go through the process of either getting a refund and then reorder or you decide to do a personal pickup.

Say what now?

Ladies, What if…

God tried to deliver your man to you, but it went back undelivered? What if He left a message saying:

“Undelivered: Location unfit for package”


“Undelivered: Nobody at location to collect package”

I have no doubt that you’ve placed your order; because you're a 'good thing'. Let me tell you some of the things we ladies place in our shopping carts on We just keep adding to the cart, notwithstanding the cost. Why? Jesus paid it all and He promised to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory.

So, Ok. You place the order on God gets the notification. Angels are dispatched to locate and pack your specifications. Package goes to courier for delivery.. Delivery attempts were made, but it went back to God undelivered.

The Holy Spirit dropped these in my Spirit:

Question #1: “Did you track it?”

Question #2: “Were you prepared to receive it?”

Question 1: Did you track it?

Every package has a tracking number. Tracking numbers are used to identify and trace shipments as they move through the courier system to their destination. Those who monitor their tracking numbers closely, by checking the status of their packages are better able to position themselves to receive it. If there is a delay, you know because you are on top of your monitoring game. In anticipation for the package, you make necessary preparations. The question is, "are you tracking the man God has for you?" Sounds stalk-ish, but it's not. Tracking translates to these questions:

  • Are you interceding for his safe delivery to you?

  • Are you monitoring the spirit realm to detect inclement weather conditions( demonic, witchcraft elements) that may block your blessing?

Question 2: Were you prepared to receive it?

Self-explanatory, right? Remember I told you that when a package is undelivered, it means numerous attempts were made to deliver it, but either nobody was home to receive it or the address was incorrect.

  • Are you more interested in the product more than the process?

  • Did you position yourself to receive what you ordered?

  • Are you ready to receive what God has for you?

On our list of top concerns are these..

Biological clocks ticking,

Peers marrying,

Parents nagging,

Ovaries moving,

Body wrinkling,

Hormones kicking,

Organs shrinking.

The struggle is real.

God has no issue with giving you a husband. He has an issue with your unpreparedness for the husband. He has an issue when He actually wants to give you what you desire, but your heart, mind and soul is UNFIT and UNSAFE for his carefully packed and wrapped package (because He is also concerned about safeguarding that man). He has an issue when He shows up, but you are nowhere to be found; maybe you moved? (away from the presence of God); perhaps you’re busy running meaningless errands (distracted and disillusioned); maybe you've gone in search of the package on your own (getting into ungodly or unsanctioned relationships). Fact is, you are not where He expects you to be and you miss what He sent for you. You miss a move of God.


Get back into preparation mode. Resolve to stay in formation by:

1. Praying over your prophecies

2. Reading and living the Word

3. Fasting to break curses and accelerate the fulfillment of God's promises

4. Serving God and people

5. Listening to the voice of God

6. Not dating aimlessly

7. Pursuing your purpose and passions

8. Sitting at the feet of Jesus

Boo, If you have a vested interest in the shipment, you would watch over it through prayer. Oh sister, track that man and stay in formation until he's delivered.

About the Author:

Shanique Shand is a woman of God intent on fulfilling her prophetic destiny as a global pollinator- a carrier of the Word, conduit of the Holy Spirit and connector between people and God. A modern day Esther and female replica of Jeremiah, she embraces the call to preach, teach, exhort, sing, prophesy unto repentance, restoration and spiritual activation. This woman of God is a multipotentialite who boasts diverse gifts and talents which she uses to advance the Kingdom of God in various capacities as a Preacher, Worship Leader, Speaker, Author, Christian Coach and Entrepreneur. Shanique is also a competent emcee, copy writer, editor and voice over talent.

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