The End Time Generation: Who are they?  

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

The first time the phrase “end-time generation” resonated with me was when I was at a very low point in my life academically, emotionally and financially and a minister from overseas messaged me unexpectedly on Facebook messenger in 2014 and began to prophesy over my life. I was in awe of how God sent someone who was in another country whom I had no connection with to send such a word. To underscore how significant this was to me, I vividly remember where I was and what I was doing- seated at a computer in the UWI, Mona main library studying (or worrying because I was distraught and felt directionless). Among many other things, she said that I would be an end-time prophetic voice in Jamaica and the world.

I was encouraged that at least I had a purpose, but not enthused because that mantle sounded HEAVY and this...prophetic path was not quite what I had in mind. Plus, I had nobody to share this with who would understand and could help me pray about it. Next!

I wasn’t highly convinced because I was truly caught up in my own agenda of pursuing a career and I was not fully surrendered to the will of God concerning ministry, although it was always in my subconscious as my inevitable fate. God saw I wasn’t fully convinced and went on to confirm and affirm over the years and brought me through a painful process of surrender where I gave up my will for His. Here I am today in 2019 no longer in a power struggle over my future, but at peace knowing His plans for me are perfect. I feel so encouraged that God nurtured and is still nurturing me into my calling.

Enough about me though…

So many are on a similar path of redirection not because they want to, but because they have to. They weren’t called, they were chosen and the urgency to fulfil the mission is unquenchable. Let’s talk about this new breed amongst whom I have been numbered. With the signs of the time appearing before our eyes, Jesus' second coming is approaching and before He comes He has sent others to prepare the way for His coming. This is the primary mandate of the end-time generation, but there are a few other things to note about this peculiar set. Who are they really?

1. They seek God and not just His gifts- they want to please God and serve Him sincerity. While they want to acquire wealth (as a part of their Godly inheritance), they understand that pursuing God and His Kingdom will grant them access to both spiritual and material wealth. Poverty and lack are obliterated by increase and abundance because they are seeking the Kingdom and that means everything will be added unto them in due season (Matthew 6:33). They know that to love God is the greatest commandment of all; a love that is sacrificial and not self-seeking. They hunger and thirst after righteousness and are being filled (Matthew 5:6). If they get God, they’ll get goodies He has for them.

2. They look unassuming and are underestimated- the people that God is using in this season are not always loud, talkative and glamorous. The loners, misfits and misunderstood fall in this category. They’ve been called aside to walk a path that’s unpopular and confusing. You don’t get them and that’s OK. They are simple people who are oftentimes overlooked and underestimated for their calm disposition and sometimes introverted personalities, but they possess a spiritual depth, wisdom, and insight that is unmatched for their age and theological knowledge (or lack thereof). They commune with God in private and that’s why their sudden elevation and exposure come at a surprise to many, but the humble shall forever be exalted.

3. They’ve canceled the subscription to traditional and religious practices- an unprecedented spiritual awakening is taking place and they refuse to go spiritually bankrupt in a desolate and dead environment. Their gifts and growth are being stifled and stunted by religious practices that are unbiblical and outdated. Things like jewelry, pants, hats, diet, etc are no longer grounds on which to base anyone’s spirituality and they get that. They are more concerned about perfecting the internal posture and not merely the public image. They’re seeking proper mentorship and discipleship that affirm and activate God’s call on their life and where that is earthly lacking, they have settled for mentorship from the Holy Spirit, the master teacher, and consummate consultant. They’re fully subscribed to biblical instructions and promptings from the Holy Spirit, not man-made systems.

4. They want to experience and facilitate the supernatural- 1 Corinthians 4: 20, “ For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk, but power” has never been more real to this generation. They are tired of ritualistic prayers and programs with no sustainable results and much talking backed by no action. They desire to see curses broken, sick healed, blind see, purposes activated and the unimaginable happening. They want to hear fewer discussions and see more demonstrations. The Bible actually justifies their cry for ‘more’ when it says, “signs and wonders should follow those who believe in my name” (Mark 16: 17-18). They are baffled as to why the afflicted are coming bound and leaving bound? You may call them extra, but they are just expectant.

5. They embrace the Kingdom concept- This generation talks about the Church as a body and not as a building (1 Cor 12: 12-31). Denomination is of no relevance to them because they have no allegiance to church culture and customs. They seek to please God and not man (they’re not rebellious, they only fear God above man). They know that “Thy Kingdom come on Earth..” can only manifest if God’s people lay aside denominational differences and amalgamate into a powerful army of one with one vision and mission to fulfil the Father’s will individually and collaboratively. Kingdom people do not fight for power but fight with power. The Kingdom culture promulgates unity, but denomination encourages and highlights division and differences. They choose Kingdom over Church culture.

6. They are extremely gifted- Whether through dreams and visions or His Word, God speaks to this generation and guess what? They listen because their portals are not clogged and corrupted. The spiritual gifts are alive and active in their lives including but not limited to word of wisdom, word of knowledge, word of faith, the gift of healing and discerning of spirits (See 1 Cor 12: 4-11 for the others). God had truly kept His promise and had poured out His Spirit on ALL flesh allowing His sons and daughters to prophesy, dream dreams and see visions (Act 2:17). Yes, I know you’re saying everybody is a prophet these days, but God is actually activating many in the 5 fold ministry (apostolic, prophetic, evangelical, teaching, pastoral) and they are walking in the overflow. Without any coaxing or convincing, some actually wake up in the early hours of the morning travailing for their families, country and the world because they often carry a heavy burden not common to many.

7. They have been painfully processed – the authentic messengers and marshalls of God have endured many testing and yet still have not forfeited the Christian walk. They have rejected many ungodly connections and alliances to protect their purity and anointing and are consequently humiliated or scoffed at. This generation is exceedingly more mature and wise than the average person because they came out of the testing perfect and complete, lacking nothing ( James 1:2-4). Despite their age, they are greatly admired and emulated by their colleagues and counterparts because they are a repository of divine counsel and a conduit for catalytic change. Either because of their chaste and unblemished life or submissiveness to the will of God, God trusts them with much. As a result, they have arisen to serve as coaches, consultants, spiritual advisors, counselors and a voice of reason. Their platform came at a high price.

8. They actually sweat the ‘‘small” stuff- They’re not only concerned about signs and wonders, but truly want to measure up to God’s standard of holiness. They actually don’t want to be numbered among those who come to church looking churchy and speaking in tongues but aren’t manifesting the fruits of the spirit. ‘Fruitlessness’ is prevalent among persons who purport to be anointed and it’s reprehensible to them. They actually forgive and they don’t gossip, backbite or keep malice. Things, like giving to the poor, loving their neighbor as themselves and seeking to make amends if they have offended or have been offended by anyone, is a part of maintaining a Godly character. They aren’t perfect but are practicing the seemingly minor biblical instructions oftentimes overlooked or trivialized. For them, it's not only about the gifts, but developing the grace and grit to preserve them. For them, the “small stuff" has a BIG impact on character and credibility.

There is so much more I could say, but this post is getting too lengthy. The coming of the Lord is imminent and God is using those who are available and accessible. With confidence and boldness though, I can say the end-time generation is not coming; the end-time generation is here and they are here to revoke the plans of the enemy, initiate catalytic change, destroy religious systems, revolutionize the world and re-brand the Church as a place of righteousness, restoration, and revival. It is my desire to enlighten so others can understand, appreciate and get involved in what God is doing in this season. I know the new uprising is bewildering and incomprehensible, but His ways are higher than our ways( Isaiah 55:8-9).

Step up and flourish or stay stagnant and get left behind. Shalom!

About the Author:

Shanique Shand is a woman of God intent on fulfilling her prophetic destiny as a global pollinator- a carrier of the Word, conduit of the Holy Spirit and connector between people and God. A modern-day Esther and female replica of Jeremiah, she embraces the call to preach, teach, exhort, sing, prophesy unto repentance, restoration, and spiritual activation. This woman of God is a multipotentialite who boasts diverse gifts and talents which she uses to advance the Kingdom of God in various capacities as a Preacher, Worship Leader, Speaker, Author, Christian Coach, and Entrepreneur. Shanique is also a competent emcee, copy writer, editor and voice over talent.

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